About Sharon

Sharon Zeugin makes art and teaches workshops in her Austin, Texas Studio, and throughout the USA, Canada and Italy & Spain. In addition to being a faculty member of numerous international calligraphy conferences, Sharon was a  Program Coordinator for the  Literally Letters Program at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, and  faculty member of the Austin Contemporary Art School.  Her award winning work appears in publications such as Letter Arts Review, The Calligrapher’s Engagement Calendar, Somerset Studio Magazine, the Lark Book,”The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering,” and most recently, the 24th edition of the classic Speedball Textbook. On any day of the week she would rather be drawing, painting, writing, dancing, swimming and playing Samba.

In addition to making and teaching art,  Sharon is a visual practitioner specializing in custom maps, graphic recording and sketch notes.

Artist Statement

Inner and outer landscapes demand my attention.  Whether on canvas or journal page, I weave together text and images in a layered, organic way– whispering more than shouting, suggesting rather than telling–drawing the viewer in for a closer look.  The words are my own, as are the scripts I develop to express a particular theme, mood or feeling.

Past Series of works include: “Womanuscripts: the question of meaning for a 21st century female scribe“;”Excavations,“: Paths & Portals”, “Cracks & Fissures”, “the Commonly Uncommon Grackle and blackbirds.”  More recent series include: Taos Spring and Taos Winter, in mixed media and cold wax and oil; “SHOCKRA“–a series of large paintings which are a response to the 2016 election; and Camino as Path & Portal.

Curriculum Vitae

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Northern California Beach Calligraphy
Teaching at La Romita School of Art, Italy
Sketching in Italy
Sketching in Vancouver
Dancing with Austin Samba Alegria!